The Advent of Modern Short Term Orthodontics

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In this article leading Australian dentist Dr Harry Marget talks about The Advent of Modern Short Term Orthodontics and Introduces Quick Straight Teeth

In the early 1970’s it became apparent that unless a general dentist was able to provide some form of orthodontic treatment, the revenue for such services would simply walk out the door. It was at that time I decided to research the possibility of providing orthodontic treatment to my patients. However I found there were no suitable courses available in Australia.

It was five years later, and on the back of an arduous 30 hour journey, that I eventually attended a course in orthodontics in the USA run by Dr Skip Truitt.  This ignited my passion for providing quality orthodontic solutions for patients.

During the late 1970s the concept of orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment combined, was very much ‘in vogue’ with dentists taking up the mantle of myofunctional orthodontics.  One of the most notable forms of these appliances was the ‘Crozat’ appliance, the use of which enabled me to understand the breakthrough in orthodontic techniques of the time. The Crozat was an amazing appliance in that two simple pieces of wire could move molar teeth, simplify rotations and manage some Class II, division 2 and Class III malocclusions.

At the time, in Australia, I found it difficult to locate the brackets and appliances to provide the treatments I had learned about in America.  However, orthodontic laboratories quickly caught on to this new-found interest in their products and began manufacturing removable appliances, and it also became possible to buy orthodontic brackets to provide more complex treatment.

In the past few years, there has been something of a revival in orthodontics as it moves back into the GDP arena with the advent of cosmetic, or short-term orthodontics.

Several new systems have come to the fore proposing shortened treatment times to provide anterior aesthetic alignment. In a crowded market place, there is need for a system created on specialist, evidence based, orthodontic principles, with complete laboratory and clinical support. Such a system is now available in Australia – Quick Straight Teeth (QST).

The QST system has three major advantages over other similar offerings.

Firstly, QST represents a real opportunity for general dentists to provide simplified orthodontic treatment on a clinical level. The system is built on a sound base of evidence, having been in operation in the UK and Europe for several years. QST allows the general dentist to feel that they are in control at all times... backed up by competent clinical support both here and internationally.

Secondly - the price. QST is priced well below similar systems, therefore allowing the general dentist to promote orthodontics through their practice in such a way that more patients can be treated due to reduced costs, but with no loss of margin to the practitioner.  A rare win-win situation.

Thirdly, the system comprises only the very best quality, branded brackets, components, instruments, teaching and back-up despite their low retail low costs.  The company operates on a philosophy of making a little profit on many customers – so quality is paramount but at a cost that makes it attractive to all.


In 2015, the QST Team will be running courses throughout Australia, supported by international and local lecturers with years of experience in various orthodontic systems. 

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The courses are 90% hands-on, whereby a dentist will treat an entire ‘patient’ throughout the day – this ensures they have the skills and the confidence to walk into practice and implement these treatments immediately. 


Post-course back up is provided on-line 24 hours a day on both the clinical and marketing aspects. Necessary diagnostic changes and all treatment plans will be suggested and at all times any QST dentist is supported by the years of clinical experience provided by the international team.

There will be opportunity for dentists to learn via the extensive online resources and connect with other dentists across the world providing QST. Manufacturing will be done in Australia by well-recognised technicians who have been in the business for nearly 30 years.

There are some colourful characters in the QST Team and I’m sure they look forward to welcoming you to a fully hands-on QST course being held in a city near you from July this year.

The Advent of Modern Short Term Orthodontics. For more details contact Steve Douglas on 1300-362761 or email

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