How to Market Short Term Orthodontics to Patients

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In this article by Stephen Douglas of Quick Straight Teeth, you will learn as a general dentist How to Market Short Term Orthodontics (short term ortho / STO) to Patients.


Once the dentist has been on a (hopefully) fully hands on seminar or training day about their new short term device or system they are raring to go.

Champing at the bit!

Monday morning comes along.......but what if they don't find a suitable patient to align, straighten and whiten teeth, has it all been in vain?

Of course not

A dentist will find plenty of patients in their database, that as they attend their regular check ups they can recommend their new whizz, bang system that is going to change their patients lives, by enhancing their smile.

The beauty of short term ortho is that as a general dentist you are able to offer straight teeth to the people of Australia, and importantly treat your clients with confidence.

Having this additional knowledge will enhance your area of expertise and skill set which will help separate you from those that don't offer STO.

This allows you to create a differential.

It's worth it, lets take a look at the simple example just to wet your appetite.

If you treat just 3 patients per month (single arch) with Quick Straight Teeth at RRP,  you will increase your turnover by $71,000 pa.

You will increase your profit by $50,000!!

If you are a an owner of a practice or even large corporate with lets say 4 + dentists or more, surely it is a no brainer?

Ok so with the best system and best pricing how do you reach out to your clients?

How to Market Short Term Orthodontics to Patients

Whilst it is very easy to jump straight in without any thought to marketing your new found skills it might be wise to 'pre market' your new area of expertise.

So here are some key strategies to help you earn more money and care for your patients smile's.

1) Website Marketing

For this exercise i am going to presume that you already have a website. If not, get one. You can easily set one up and have it hosted for under $750.

The purpose of the website is 3 fold:-

a) To introduce you and your services to your patients and be a resource for oral health, guidance and advice through a variety of blog articles and pages.

b) To be a focal point of your social media marketing and content strategy. It is the hub of your content wheel that you will distribute through social media channels.

c) To generate and increase your business with strategically placed calls to action (CTA) and offers.

These could be new patient discounts, a free check up for new patients, or discounted polish , clean or even whitening.

Even a FREE patient 'smile review' which would lead you nicely onto straightening and whitening teeth.



2) Social Media

Whilst this area may appear confusing, time consuming and a little bewildering, it is not. It can be a very powerful medium to help you build your brand in your local market.

Social media offers you 'reach'. Reach into your patients world, where you can connect with them and importantly they can and should connect with you.

Don't see it as a disruption, embrace what is happening in society, your patients are, and in most cases so do you, outside the office.

But remember it is a social environment and not a hard sell, so keep it that way, at least 80/20.

I recommend you focus on these 5 core areas:-

a) Ideally you would want to host a facebook business page (linked from your own personal page). It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to keep them separate.

b) You Tube. Did you know that by 2020, 80% of all content consumed on the ole' intraweb will be by video! Video is a highly engaging medium to help convey your message.

There is a big message here, buy a video camera or get a smart phone and practice.

Get used to being in front of the camera. The quality will be fine to start with. When you are more comfortable with video you can buy flashy microphones (that make your voice sound cool) and great lightening. But for now it is your job to get your get content out there. Nobody is looking for movie star quality, just great content, and YOU.

A business YT channel allows you the opportunity to create videos in your clinic, show off your clinic and talk about treatments etc - and then host them on YT.

Then you share them on your website and facebook pages.

They are links, links that pull together your social media infrastructure. They are shareable links and the more shares and comments you get, the more people you reach (viral, social recognition).

c) Twitter is growing. Personally I don't like it, however millions of people do. In fact it is a really quick way to put 'snippets or grabs' of your valuable content out to your fans (patients), pointing them back to your website. But remember be social, comment about trending topics and articles that will interest them. Finally with Twitter (and Facebook) you can now imbed your videos directly with your YT code.

All 3 of the above are used as a format to distribute your content. Allowing you to connect with your market.

Lets take an example;

You could write an article on "The Benefits of a Great Smile", or How to Get Straighter Teeth in Less than 6 Months" or How to Improve your Self Confidence with Straight, White Teeth" etc.

In the article you would have well placed  high quality images, before and afters are great, with links to other pages of your website.

The article itself will also have one or two links from it to other pages of your website. For example in the above headings we could link like this -

How to Get Straighter Teeth in Less than 6 Months" - the link would go to a page about Quick Straight Teeth, if that was the system you were offering.

Once your article is complete you would share it by posting to Facebook, sharing on Twitter and finally turning it into a video.

d) The final stage is to run Facebook Adverts to your clients in your geographical location.

This is not difficult.

You can design an advert yourself or pay a designer. In facebook admin you can search your audience, in your location by the demographic you want to target.

Perhaps a typical audience might be Female, aged 24 - 45, income over $75kpa, works in corporate, single, interested in relationships etc.

You get the drift, and it is all possible.

e) Finally you retarget people who visit your website. Quite simply you place a small piece of code in your website. Once they visit 'cookies' then track the visitor (don't worry its is not stalking). Wherever they go, lets say they drop onto facebook, or YT or a website that is a similar theme to yours - they will see your advert.


This builds your credibility, your brand grows. A visitor thinks, Wow i went to Quick Straight Teeth website and now i am seeing an advert on how to Straighten and Whiten my teeth for $1950!

...OR I needed a dentist in X and now i have an advert for one with a discount on my first visit!

Finally a word of advice, whatever you do, be consistent. If you only have time for one article a month thats fine. That is a good start. 12 valuable pieces of content marketed and shared via social media. More is even better.

3) Newspaper Adverts and Articles

Nowadays this form of advertising is much more affordable, primarily due to the growth of social media.

Why not take out a full, half or quarter page advert in your local paper. It is important to remain consistent to get  the message over. Ideally you would want to run this for 6-8 weeks.

Perhaps offer a discount code for new patients which would allow you to monitor the ROI.

4) Radio

The word radio puts the fear of god into most people. "What me, my voice er no way". Actually with today's modern studio equipment you probably wont recognise your voice. Alternatively get a voice over to do it for you. Why not put a radio advert out to your listeners via your local radio station.

Today it is very affordable. A 30 second commercial, run for 4 weeks can run for as little as $60 each add.

 5) Clinic Advertising

Whilst obvious and most dentists all ready be doing this, a recap can help focus the mind;-

  • Portable pull up banners of the offer or system
  • Patient Leaflets
  • Auto play presentations (ideal for straightening teeth case studies)
  • Newsletters
  • A2 posters of products and systems
  • Place mats and business cards
  • Display cabinets

With all of the above, but in particular the online marketing, remember you can't go wrong. You can make mistakes however these are all easily fixable.

Start to build your presence if you are not already. Ensure you can track your results and find out what works for you, for your clinic or practice. Measure your ROI with systems like google analytics.

Most of all develop a strategy that allows you to grow this unique opportunity of offering a short term ortho course that will improve you patients smile and earn you more money.

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