Save $900 on Your Short Term Orthodontic Instruments

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Why should you choose the very best instruments and and how can you Save $900 on Your Short Term Orthodontic Instruments?

As a general dentist you are capable of undertaking short term orthodontic treatments with your patients, once you have been on a Quick Straight Teeth course or similar. For more info or to book a course local to you, click here

The Quick Straight Teeth instruments represent exceptional value for money.

We only use the very best German made lxion or specific orthocare instruments.

These are tungsten-tipped and constructed with either a swivel joint, or a box joint. We do not use a traditional screw joint as this type of joint degrades over repeated use and autoclaving, causing the beaks of the instruments to cease to meet together properly.


Normally your Short Term Orthodontic Instruments are going to cost $1500.

However a dentist who books a QST course including the instruments for only $995 + GST will show a saving of $900 on the set of instruments if bought separately.

Short Term Orthodontic Instruments

The Quick Straight Teeth Instruments Contain:-

  1. Small probe
  2. Ligature tucker
  3. Mosquito forceps x 2
  4. Matthieu forceps
  5. Bracket holder
  6. Bracket remover
  7. Distal end cutter
  8. Pin and ligature cutter
  9. Tweezers
  10. Weingardts pliers

* A dentist who chooses the $395 + GST course will still be allowed to purchase the Quick Straight Teeth instrument kit on one of our course dates at the reduced price. 

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