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We are speaking with Stephen Douglas, Sales & Marketing Director of Quick Straight Teeth about their launch in Australia.

Interviewer: Welcome Stephen! The UK has seen a sea change recently in the delivery of so-called ‘perfect smiles’. Your company, Quick Straight Teeth has been part of this development in Short Term Orthodontics. Can you tell us about the impact that STO has had on the dentistry profession in the UK?

Stephen:  10 years ago those who could afford to have a treatment to obtain ‘perfect teeth’ opted for veneers. Not only was this treatment very expensive it also altered the tooth’s structure quite dramatically. There are also patients who had ‘braces’ fitted to straighten their teeth in their early teens or mid-twenties. In many cases they have seen some form of relapse over the years. Short Term Ortho addresses these issues and great results can be obtained in just 4 – 24 weeks.

At QST we like to look at things a little differently. Our concept is very simple and importantly, minimally invasive. We believe in a more simple approach of  A – align, B – bleach, and C – composite. The effects are very similar to veneers and as such offer a much more viable and affordable alternative to patients.  Dentists who have added STO to their treatment options have benefitted in a number of significant ways and their patients have loved it too. They say word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising – that’s certainly been our experience with STO in the UK.

Interviewer:  Obviously delivering new services and products requires training. You mentioned your QST Courses. What kind of training does Quick Straight Teeth offer for Australian dentists and what does it cost?

Stephen:  Last year in the UK we trained over 1200 dentists, so training is something we’ve worked hard at and I think we get it right. Dentists attend a training day, after covering some preliminary theory on the QST website. In Australia, the training will be delivered by specialist orthodontist, Preet Bhogal, flown out from the UK. The training day is an interactive, very hands-on experience.

QST are committed to keeping the teaching quality high and the cost of training low. The training day costs $395 (+GST) not including instruments or $995 (+GST) with instruments. It’s worth noting that the instruments retail for $1500, so purchasing them with the training course gives you an immediate saving of $900.

Quick Straight Teeth Short Term Ortho

For more information about Quick Straight Teeth Short term orthodontic courses, download our free information pack click here.

Interviewer:  Quick Straight Teeth have a great reputation in the UK. What do Australian dentists need to know about the company and the QST system?

Stephen:  QST Australia is a local company in Victoria and we only use a local laboratory based in Melbourne, The Dental Solutions Company. We offer very affordable Short Term Ortho solutions, but we’re committed to excellence in everything we deliver, whether that be training courses or orthodontic products. That’s why we use the highest quality American Orthodontic brackets and 3M Unitek components. And it’s why our training courses are specialist-led and delivered. We’re able to take the lessons we’ve learned and the expertise we’ve developed in the UK and bring it to dentists here.

Interviewer:  So, what are the benefits for dentists who want to offer STO to their patients?

Stephen: QST provides an introduction to Short Term Ortho and our day course is a stepping stone to a possible career in orthodontics.  STO is a cost-effective and conservative option for the patient,  but one which has a huge impact. It is simple and relatively inexpensive for the dentist and due to demand,  generates great profits too. It’s a genuine win-win- low cost for patients with great margins for the dentist.

Interviewer:  If you had to sum up the vision of Quick Straight Teeth in a few words, what would you say?

Stephen:  We’re excited to bring Quick Straight Teeth to Australia and our mission is simple – first and foremost we’re committed to looking after the patient and improving the health of their teeth. Secondly, we want to expand Australian dentists’ service offerings. Ultimately, it’s about delivering affordable smiles to Australians..

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