Could Short Term Orthodontics Buy Happiness?

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In this short article Prem Pal Sehmi, QST’s Global CEO explores the financial benefits of adding short term orthodontics to an Australian dentists repertoire.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness?  Perhaps QST Can?

Congratulations! You managed to pass finals and have graduated as a dentist.  Now the real work starts, you have amassed a brain full of knowledge, but you need to use that knowledge to build a life – not a career.  In our material world, the two things seemed to have become inter-twined along the way and your earnings dictate your happiness. 

Does it really work like that?

Psychology and sociology aside, money doesn’t buy happiness.   The things that really matter in life are not sold in stores. Love, friendship, family, respect, a place in the community, the belief that your life has purpose–those are the essentials of human fulfilment, and they cannot be purchased with cash.

Dentistry by its very nature is a compromise – we can never give people their real teeth back.  However, short-term orthodontics offers no compromise in providing patients with a treatment they love, using their own teeth, whilst giving the dentist a fantastic sense of fulfilment.  In the UK, Quick Straight Teeth has come to be more than just another treatment offered by a dental office.  It has become a philosophy, a new way of working.  A survey across nearly 1000 dentists using the QST system showed that the treatment that consistently had patients ‘crying with happiness’ at their new smile, was orthodontics.

The secret behind the QST philosophy is that it is one of the rare situations in the modern dental office that constitutes a true win-win situation.

For you, the dentist, it is easy and inexpensive to train and offer this service to patients.  It is ethical, minimally invasive, in most cases reversible and carries little risk. 

For the patients, the smile is their own, not made of porcelain or other prosthetics, and the results are amazing for a fraction of the cost of other options.

There is another win-win with QST.  The respect and fulfilment from creating beautiful smiles, and literally transforming faces and transforming lives, is rewarding in itself, but a nice side-line to this is the financial rewards. 

QST should rank amongst one of the most profitable treatments in your dental practice. 

Lets look specifically at the financial aspects:

An average Q-Dentist will do 3 cases per month at a cost to the patient of around $2,000. This represents anincrease in revenue of $70,000 per year. 

Over $50,000k gross profit!

All this for a treatment that takes on average 4 hours chair time and will have patients literally raving about your skills to their friends and family.

If you are a medium to large size practice owner with 5 or more dentists or even 5 or more clinics theprofitability rises exponentially.

We have noticed an interesting shift in the working patterns of dentist using the QST system over the last two years.  Most of their patients are treated for smile enhancement using the ABC method of:-

  • Align
  • Bleach
  • Composite (or enhance)

as opposed to heavy preparations and porcelain work.

As dentists, we always want the best for our patients on a clinical level whilst meeting their needs for health, stability and cosmetics.  If you want a new outlook, a new way of working and new philosophy that will transform your practice and leave you, and your patients, smiling…then why not join the global QST family of dentists and give patients what they want, with great profits and even greater job satisfaction?

Win – Win Financially? You can with QST.

Call our Sales and Marketing Director, Stephen Douglas on 1300- 362761 or email  to book a QST Course today or find out more. Alternatively visit our

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