Quick Straight Teeth Short Term Orthodontic Force Awakens

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I am writing this article with 3 days to go until the launch of the new Star Wars

movie. By the time you read this, most of you will have seen the film, or at least be

familiar with the franchise. Without detracting too much from Mr Lucas’ creative

genius, the story in a nutshell is that of two sides at war. One is good, one is evil and

they are trying to destroy each other, and take control of a galaxy far, far away.

So, scaling this concept back slightly, let’s look at something a little closer to home.

Short-term orthodontics (or whatever acronym you use to describe this novel

treatment approach). How does this relate to the Star Wars universe? Well, whenever

the concept of STO raises it’s head, it seems the orthodontists and general dentists

sharpen their light-sabres, reach for their blasters and civil unrest swiftly follows.

Orthodontics is a complex discipline, and takes years of full-time study to perfect.

There is whispered talk of angles, appliances, cephalometry and tipping/torqueing

forces…a mystical art to the general dentist. With such a wealth of experience, training

and knowledge, it is easy to understand why orthodontists disagree with the

concept of general dentists providing orthodontics. After all, they are best placed to see

what can go wrong.

With a revelation akin to the moment Luke found out Darth Vader was his father, we

therefore introduce the solution – Quick Straight Teeth.

How can QST restore calm and order to the unrest that simmers between these


QST has been developed by specialist orthodontists to be delivered by general

dentists. Because of this specialist insight, the system focuses on four key areas:

  • training,
  • safety,
  • support,
  • and onward referral when appropriate.

Contrary to popular belief QST do not advocate that our treatments are quicker, like

for like. However, due to the fact that we focus on anterior alignment only, and only

mild cases that can be alleviated by simple forces, this type of treatment is completed

in a shorter timeframe. Our users are strongly advised to relay this to patients to avoid

any confusion with comprehensive orthodontics.

We never profess to replace specialist training with a short course. What we can do

however, is provide a learning pathway to understand and apply basic orthodontic

knowledge. This is backed up with an extensive video library, distance learning, and

treatment of cases on phantom heads, under specialist supervision. This will start

dentists on the right path. With the limited teaching that we can impart in this timeframe,

we then ensure the safety of both practitioner and patient by only allowing treatment of cases appropriate

to the level of knowledge that they have thus far gained.

In turn, these cases are completed with unlimited online support and mentoring via

our forum, under-pinned by our global specialist network. No case will be approved if

it is outside the scope of training and experience of the treating clinician. In these

situations, referral to a specialist orthodontist is strongly advised.

Quick Straight Teeth Short Term Orthodontic Force Awakens

At QST we have three tiers of treatment,

  • Q Removable,
  • Q Fixed,
  • Q Specialist

We reject around 30% of cases as inappropriate for general dentists. We actively try

and bridge the gap between orthodontists and general dentists, and

encourage collaboration to ensure patients are given the best care.

In the UK, where it all began, we have an ever-growing number of specialists joining

our ranks because they have realised several facts about our company:

– We are not trying to steal their business

– We are not treating cases that are inappropriate for the GDP

– We actively encourage referral of difficult cases. We help to grow

specialists practices using this approach of mutual co-operation

– We respect and fully embrace that we need the assistance of our specialist

colleagues to support our dentists

So, is there a civil war brewing between the orthodontists and the general dentists

over short-term orthodontics? It is easy to understand the specialist’s disapproving

perspective on this issue, for the reasons I have outlined.

However, if STO allows dentists to practice minimally invasive dentistry, respecting

the best interests of the patient, and they can do so safely with the correct training and

support, whilst increasing the awareness and referral of complex orthodontics to the

appropriate practitioners – then surely we are all on the same side?

May the (correct and orthodontically appropriate) Force be with us.

If you are a general dentist and would like to learn about short term orthodontics

click on the link below to find out more.


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