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Pearly Whites dental Broome

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I has always have had an interest in orthodontics since University, and a fascination with all techniques used to improve patient’s smiles at an affordable price. I enjoy aesthetic dentistry but often found myself thinking that there was something missing between the general dentistry I practised and specialist orthodontics, you know for those times when the patient only wanted ‘that tooth straightened,’ or ‘a little over crowding dealt with’ or ‘a few gaps closed.’ There are also those times when I thought ‘if I could just move that tooth …..’

In my early years, I moved from country Victoria to an affluent Melbourne suburb. Patients  were spoilt for choice because there are so many fantastic orthodontists “just around the corner” so I didn’t see a reason to pursue orthodontics.

Pearly Whites dental Broome

After opening my remote Broome practice, Pearly Whites Dental, it became apparent that there was a need for a simple, fast and effective way to straighten adult teeth to compliment my mostly composite based cosmetic work. Although there is a great orthodontist who visits Broome regularly, I  found myself often being asked by my patients, who were not interested in comprehensive orthodontic treatment, about the short term orthodontic (STO) treatments being offered in Perth and other major cities.

I have been watching the adult teeth straightening scene and after much consideration and research, I felt is was time to expand my services and seriously looked at all of the systems on offer. After several months, I chose the Quick Straight Teeth™ (QST) alignment system. The QST system appeared very complete offering both fixed and removable retainer systems, extensive training and support beyond the first few patients. I booked a place on the next Perth course and I have never once regretted my choice.

From the very first time I contacted QST, I found them to be professional and their high integrity,  ‘under promise and over deliver’ approach fitted very well with my own conservative approach to dentistry. They always answered my questions promptly and provided me with an informative and useful information pack.

I LOVED the QST course. My practice manager (husband) also attended as an onlooker and found the course engaging, fascinating and educational having little dentistry, and no prior orthodontic experience. The course was at an appropriate level for staff, graduates and experienced general dentists. 

The pre reading that was required prior to the course was comprehensive, easy to understand and a great review of  orthodontic principles and techniques. The course was hands on, fun and thorough.  The hands on element used models, high quality kits prepared by their laboratory and specialised orthodontic instruments to demonstrate the various methods and techniques required by fixed and removable QST systems. The exercises were a great introduction to the general techniques required by QST treatments and prepared me well for the practical aspect of short term orthodontics. I left the course feeling confident to start tackling some simple cases. 

Its all about communication in dentistry, particularly when you, the dentist, offers STO as a compromise to full orthodontics. Patients that are relapse cases know what they are in for, but some patients have never had any orthodontic work so it is worth spending the time explaining the alternatives to them. There was a lot of interest from patients, with many booking for an initial STO consultation. Over 50% of these have since been referred to the local orthodontist due to their complexity as QST advocate only the simple cases for treatment in general practice.

The support provided by the QST specialist orthodontist team via the online forum has been outstanding. They have held my hand and guided me through my early cases. After completing and summarising a patient’s orthodontic assessment, my staff take photographs, crop them to size and load the photographs and summary onto the QST forum. Overnight we receive the replies that include recommended treatment, constraints, options and any compromises. Throughout the case, questions posted to the forum are answered quickly and professionally and I have never felt alone or unsupported.

QST have also provided many templates, guidelines and protocols that have been easily adapted for my own needs and to work within our Broome practice.

I am now completing my first cases and have found the QST experience rewarding and best of all, the patients are delighted with the final results.   I positively look forward to my orthodontic appointments and consider it my ‘play time.’  Orthodontics is so much fun!

 It is crDr Angela McIntoshitical that you fully inform your patient of the limitations of STO, and follow exactly what Preet, the QST lead clinician, teaches on the course, and the advice from the forum. It is imperative that you have the knowledge to know which cases to treat and which cases to refer. If you do that, then you are free to expand your clinical expertise as a general dentist within these boundaries.  I have found that simple orthodontics has been fantastic for my self confidence as a clinician, and the QST course has been the start of an exciting journey. It has been of great benefit to the rest of my clinical  dentistry as I have been motivated to learn more about orthodontics in relation to cosmetic dentistry.

If you  have ever  had an interest in orthodontics then please enrol.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.Dr Angela McIntosh graduated from Otago University in 1991 and then moved to Australia where her first job was in La Trobe Valley in  Eastern Victoria.  She later moved to Melbourne and becoming an Associate Dentist in a successful Brighton Beach dental practice in the mid 1990s. There she began to follow the innovative Composite techniques of Geoff Knight and found that she had an interest in managing people with Dental Phobia and Anxiety as well as providing affordable Dentistry.  In 2008, Angela began an adventure and travelled with her young family in a caravan around Australia taking a break from Dentistry.  She arrived in Broome where she rediscovered her passion for teeth and practised private and public dentistry until opening her own practice Pearly Whites Dental in Broome, Western Australia in 2014. www.pearlywhitesdental.com.au








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