Using QST clear braces we can correct misaligned teeth, gummy smiles and many other common dental issues that people have. Please take a look below at some of the beautiful results our dentists can achieve using QST. Most treatments take between 1 and 6 months depending on complexity.

  • Case 1

    This lady was particularly unhappy with the upper tooth that was stuck on the inside and the general crowding of her front teeth. She had a QST fixed brace for 6 months and she loves the result!

    Case 1 Before BEFORE
    Case 1 After AFTER
  • Case 2

    This individual disliked two teeth that were biting the wrong way around. She wore a QST fixed brace to correct her bite over a period of four months. During this time the lower teeth were also straightened.

    Case 2 Before BEFORE
    Case 2 After AFTER
  • Case 3

    This lady in her late 20s had worn braces as a teenager but was not given a retainer to keep them straight. Consequently her teeth had moved again. She wore a QST brace for five months to realign her teeth. She now has fixed and removable retainers to prevent any further movement.

    Case 3 Before BEFORE
    Case 3 After AFTER
  • Case 4

    This young man was unhappy with the way the front teeth were overlapping and crossed over. QST fixed braces were worn for seven months to align the teeth. He Is now proud of his smile and wishes he had done it sooner!

    Case 4 Before BEFORE
    Case 4 After AFTER
  • Case 5

    This lady was unhappy with an instanding incisor, that gave the impression she had a missing tooth. As a result she was very embarrassed to smile. She wore a QST fixed price for five months. She now loves to smile and show off her straight teeth!

    Case 5 Before BEFORE
    Case 5 After AFTER
  • Case 6

    The parents of this young boy were concerned about how the upper front teeth were biting the wrong way around. He did not want to wear a fixed brace. Therefore, a removable QST brace was worn for three months to correct this problem.

    Case 6 Before BEFORE
    Case 6 After AFTER
  • Case 7

    This lady in her 40s was very conscious of her teeth and saw her dentist regularly. She was unhappy with the crooked front teeth which she felt were getting worse with time. She had never asked her dentist if this could be treated a she did not want to wear a fixed brace. Her dentist recommended invisible QST clear removable aligners to achieve this fantastic result. This took only eight weeks to achieve.

    Case 7 Before BEFORE
    Case 7 After AFTER
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