Quick Straight Teeth™ gentle, discreet and affordable cosmetic orthodontics.

QST is an orthodontic company that provides general dentists with training and laboratory work for the provision of removable and fixed orthodontics in a controlled, and specialist mentored format.
The company was set up and designed around one basic premise – to provide the very BEST quality alongside the most cost-effective prices to our valued customers.

The following is a ten-point summary as to why we believe QST is the best GDP orthodontic system in the world:

  1. QST is designed, led and supported by specialist orthodontists, so you can trust that our advice is sound, evidence-based and built on scientific research.
  2. BEST Digital Solutions. The iQ Digital Platform, unique to QST, is used to calculate space requirements, assess orthodontic landmarks and ensure comprehensive record taking.
  3. BEST quality products. QST only use 3M products, as do 65% of orthodontists world-wide. Our bond and composite system is also specifically designed for use in orthodontics, not restorative work
  4. BEST quality brackets. QST only use 3M Gemini Clear, 3M Clarity Advanced or Damon Clear Self-Ligating brackets – never plastic or composite. We have fewer tie-wing fractures, fewer debonds, no odour, staining or deformation and reliable debonding
  5. BEST quality instruments. We use swivel jointed, tungsten-carbide tipped instruments from Ixion or Orthocare – not the cheaper screw-jointed variety, to ensure quality and longevity in use.
  6. BEST value course. Our courses work out better than free! The course costs £595 plus VAT, but includes instruments FREE (ordinarily retailing at £600 plus VAT). The course is 80% hands-on with practical experience treating a whole ‘patient’ from initial assessment right through to fitting retainers.
  7. BEST support. Our forum is available 24 hours a day and all answers are overseen by an orthodontic specialist. Our Sales Director, laboratory, and office staff are also available on the phone any time.
  8. BEST Laboratory. Ashford Orthodontics are an orthodontic only laboratory which ensures you get the very best advice, support and products. Also, because they are based in the UK we have very quick turnaround times.
  9. BEST marketing support. We have a full in-house marketing team for all aspects of online, design and print to help our customers market QST within their practices.
  10. BEST prices. Despite the superior quality of our teaching, products, brackets and support, we are the most cost-effective STO system in the UK, in most cases around a third less than our nearest competitors.

With gold-standard teaching, products, brackets and support, all backed by a dedicated and passionate team, we believe QST is the BEST and most cost-effective option for any general dentist wanting to practice orthodontics.

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